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Valentine's Day Gift Pack

$ 116.74

valentine's day gift pack

What better way to show your affection this Valentine's Day than with a gift of our Red Label Single Cask Bourbon, and a beautiful (and delicious!) box of award winning chocolate truffles from local artisan chocolatier SELEUSS.  

This elegant six-pack of truffles is called the EROS Collection, and includes 2 each Rosa Mundi truffles, Orange Blossom truffles, and Raspberry & Cream truffles.  

We will wrap your Red Label Single Cask bourbon in our heart-print tissue paper and finish your box of truffles with red ribbon.

* We can ship J.P. Trodden Spirits to the following states only: Arizona, California, Idaho, city of Missoula only in Montanta, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington. Distilled and bottled by J.P. Trodden Distilling WA State LCB License #429181, Fed TTB License #DSP-WA-15057.