Small Batch Bourbon

Hand Crafted in Woodinville, Washington

From Grain To Glass
‚ÄčThe Finest Bourbon, Whiskey

Mark Nesheim, owner and distiller, starts each small batch of J.P. Trodden by grinding the corn and winter wheat sourced locally from Washington state.  Since bourbon is a uniquely American spirit, we take pride in using only American made equipment, including our copper still from Oregon, new oak barrels, and our Tennessee glass bottles.

The Bourbon

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We never settle for less than we are capable of

Our Bourbon Is made our way, in our own unique style and owing nothing to anyone.

Our Story

 “At one of life’s crossroads, I knew it was time to do something bigger than myself, to create something that would endure.”

- Mark Nesheim, Distiller & Owner

It is the true American spirit

The Passion That drives us, the road less traveled

Our Craft

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3rd Annual Kentucky Derby Party

Join us for our 3rd Annual Kentucky Derby party at J.P. Trodden Distilling.


Summer Kickoff Grilling Event

We'll be outside grilling up sausages as our kick-start to summer.


4th Annual J.P. Trodden Anniversary Party

Our anniversary parties always feature a live band and our soon-to-be-famous bourbon chili and cornbread muffins with bourbon-honey.

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Saturdays from 12pm-5pm

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