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img_0516.pngSo How do we do it?

So now that you know the “rules” about Bourbon it’s important to understand that there are hundreds of variables in the making of craft spirits from any distillery.  All the decisions we make contribute to what makes J.P. Trodden truly unique and delicious.

We start with crisp clean Washington water and cook our mash bill of 70% corn and 30% winter wheat (all grown on one family farm in Quincy, WA) slowly and deliberately to maximize the flavors. Once our mash bill is cooked it is allowed to steep on the grains for 12 hours before our carefully selected whiskey yeast is added to start the fermentation process. Our mash bill is then fermented and steeped for 7 days. To our knowledge no other Bourbon distiller allows this much time.

Now our mash bill, or Wort, as it is known, is ready to be distilled in our copper alembic pot still crafted in Eugene, Oregon. The low wines are collected and distilled a second time using our own unique process and formulation before being barreled and aged a minimum of 3 years in new oak from our Cooperage in Kentucky.

When the Bourbon is matured Owner and Distiller Mark Nesheim hand selects 3 barrels at a time for blending and bottling our 90 proof small batch Bourbon.

Occasionally we release a very limited edition Single Cask 100 proof Bourbon, found only at the Distillery. In January of 2018 we will release our first 6 year aged Reserve Bourbon which will account for just 20% of our production.

Now you know a little bit more about why you love J.P. Trodden small batch Bourbon.

The Bourbons

From grain to glass, the finest bourbon whiskey

The Bourbons

Our Story

Something stirred, something moved deep down in us both

Our Story