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Here's a bright spot for 2020..........the Bolster Road Maple Rye is ready for release starting Thursday, November 5th.
We are more than excited about the latest project at J.P. Trodden.  In case you were not aware, J.P. Trodden bourbons are all "grain to glass", meaning we take all the raw ingredients, and start at the beginning of the process............we grind the grains in house, cook the mash, and perform the distillation process all in our Maltby facility.  When we decided to produce a Rye Whiskey, we determined the best rye grains were not grown in Washington, and to make the type of quality product you have come to expect from us, it would be better for us to source the Rye.  We purchased 18 month old Rye Whiskey produced and barreled in the midwest, and had it shipped to us in the original barrels.
Mark then pumped the Rye into our used J.P. Trodden maple syrup barrels, and let it age there for 6 months.  That beautiful, caramel colored spirit is now being blended with J.P. Trodden Black label bourbon, with the finished product being our Bolster Road Maple Rye.  It's lip smacking delicious.  Just a hint of maple flavor comes through in both the nose and the finish.  It offers a lingering, velvety taste on the palate.  The price per bottle is $65.00.  You may order it online for shipping to select western states or pick up at our tasting room.
Since this product is not 100% grain-to-glass, we felt it needed its own identity, hence the new brand, "Bolster Road".  But know that Bolster Road is still firmly a part of the Trodden family.  In fact, Bolster Road is the road that connects Chesaw to Canada (part of JP's mail route), and is the original location of the Trodden family farm.  We have new etched cocktail glasses, men's and women's long sleeve T's, and new embroidered ball caps all available for sale online or in the tasting room.


Per the Governor's new Retail/Restaurant announcements on November 15th, we will be changing up our tasting/purchasing protocols again.  The big tent is back, and we will be able to host up to 5 groups of 5 people per table OUTSIDE in the tent, and up to 8 people at a time in the tasting room for retail purchases.  Please dress warmly if you plan to taste, we will do our best with trying to warm things up, but definitely bundle up.
J.P. Trodden is offering some limited food items for purchase as well as a rotating menu of full size cocktails.  Most weekends The Vault will also have a food truck on site Saturday and Sunday, click here for the line-up.

As always, we are so thankful for your support and friendship.  Stay safe out there, and we hope to see you soon.

Mark & Jennifer

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