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10 Year Old Bourbon

$ 375.00


Paper Box
Engraved Cherry Wood Box

10 YEAR old bourbon

Once-in-a-Lifetime Release

Aged 10+ Years, 90 Proof

The flavor is complex, deep and rich notes of caramel, vanilla and some leather....and with the aging comes a taste of oak only hinted at in our 6 year aged Bourbon.

We started producing Bourbon in June of 2010, ten years ago.  When we released our first J.P. Trodden Bourbon in September of 2013, Mark made the decision to hold on to the first two barrels, to "do something with them down the line".  That time is now, and we are thrilled to be ready to share those two barrels, blended together, for our once-in-a-lifetime 10 year release.

* We can ship J.P. Trodden Spirits to the following states only: Arizona, California, Idaho, city of Missoula only in Montanta, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington. Distilled and bottled by J.P. Trodden Distilling WA State LCB License #429181, Fed TTB License #DSP-WA-15057.
** The price incluces taxes.